Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 148, 10/3/10 - Ripton to Bethel, VT

Just the Basics: Amended NOTE, 10/4/10: We did not have Internet access last night (10/3/10), which we spent in Bethel, VT, after 34(?) lovely HILLY miles. Our day began with a fierce climb, followed by a ferocious descent.

We especially enjoyed many views of Vermont's crystal-clear streams and rivers tumbling over the jumbled rocky creek beds of the Green Mountains. We spent Monday night at a nice B and B in Bethel, VT.

Today we have lots more hills and will probably go as far as Orford, VT. Right now we are sitting in a bandstand in a lovely little park in Royalton, working on planning for the next few days - we heard in town this morning that it may rain on Wednesday and that's the first piece of information we're checking on!

Today's Photos: (1) The Chipman Inn, where we started our day, having spent Saturday night there; (2) Seen En Route - Speaks for Itself; (3) As we bike in this area we see countless dump trucks hauling sand being stockpiled by village road departments for use this winter! (4) 12% grade going down; and (5) Triumphant Becky after the 12% descent - she is less fond of steep downs than of steep ups!

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