Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 17, 5/25/10 - Coulee City to Wilbur, WA

Just the Basics: Almost 32 miles today, with about 1100 feet of climbing. We are coming into a period with increasing possibility of rain and, indeed, the clouds threatened all day and we were sprinkled on a couple of times - most notably the last couple of miles into Wilbur. However, riding conditions were good on US 2 - mostly wide shoulders and good visibility and not much traffic most of the time; it was also cool. = )

We are making our way north between Adventure Cycling's Lewis and Clark Bike Route and their Northern Tier Cross Country Route; we're about 80% of the way across the State of WA from west to east. We have climbed nearly a mile since Pasco.

Plan for the Next Few Days: Wed: Ride 29 miles to Davenport and spend Wednesday and Thursday nights there (80% chance of rain on Thursday); we have a motel booked in Davenport. Friday we get on the road as early as possible, planning to arrive at the White Willow Motel in Fruitland, WA (about 35 miles) by 1 p.m., where we will hole up over the Memorial Day weekend to avoid the holiday traffic, leaving for Kettle Falls, WA on Tuesday morning, 6/1.

For Those Who Want More: Today's picture was taken because we have again encountered a bunch of the Railroad Motor Cars (Speeders) we enjoyed so much in Othello. This time it is a group of the Speeder enthusiasts on a weekend excursion out of Wilbur - it's an annual affair and they had almost all the rooms in town booked; we got the last one at The Willows, one of the 3 motels in town!

Nice Stories of the Day: (1) We stopped at a Conoco station as we arrived in town, mainly to use the restrooms. As is our practice when we do that, we bought something - in this case a couple of crackers and cheese packets. The clerk (Indian or Pakistani?), insisted on giving us something to drink for free - he offered soda, coffee, cappuccinos! We finally took a shared cup of coffee. We said it was very welcome after a long day of riding and he said he thought it would be and again urged us to have more!

(2) We desperately needed to do laundry today and there is a small laundromat across from the motel - small town, small laundromat, no soap dispenser. The live-in motel manager insisted on giving us some of her own laundry detergent. There's a little local brochure in our room touting the charms of this area; the pages about Wilbur detail a number of ambitious projects undertaken by citizen volunteers - building and equipping athletic fields for school and town use, replacing an aging pool and bandstand, purchasing and installing playground equipment in a park and at the school, etc. Our own experience here certainly speaks to what fine folks live here!

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