Saturday, May 1, 2010

Here's a flavor of getting ready: Today we did our usual Saturday morning 22 mile round-trip ride to IHOP for breakfast - but threw in an extra mile to bring the week's total to 100 miles. This got Riley to thinking, and he announced that in the past year we had ridden about 3500 miles along with leading our regular lives - it's encouraging to think about that as we take off on this BIG ride, which will be on the order of 4600 miles! Our satellite phone will arrive on Tuesday. Becky is scrambling to finish work for the Benton City Food Bank and Riley to leave things in order at the lab for his colleagues. We're eating the last of the meatballs I froze in March for dinner tonight. Our tenant who'll be staying in our apartment here in Richland will come by tomorrow night to arrange for keys & such. Et cetera!

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  1. Craziness, but such excitement and big dreams coming to life! =)