Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 20, 5/28/20 - Davenport to Spokane, WA

Just the VERY Basics: 51 miles and who knows how many feet of climbing (LOTS) on back-country roads from Davenport to Spokane. Thanks to: WA State Dept of Transportation, Riley's memory of the lay-out of the Spokane Centennial Bike Trail and a conversation with a farm couple at Dean's hamburger stand in Reardan, WA, we made it to Spokane with less than 5 miles of travel on the very busy US 2 route.

The 1st 2/3 of the trip or so were through wheat-growing highlands, then a sudden shift to pine forest. Due to the many hills, we arrived in Spokane after 7 p.m., despite having left Davenport around 8 a.m.

Wonderful Friday night date at Luigi's restaurant in Spokane - we are now settled into the downtown Travelodge in Spokane and will do a layover day here on Saturday to avoid Memorial Day weekend traffic.

Today's Pictures: (1) Spokane Falls from the Post Street Bridge; and (2) View from the Meenach Street Bridge across the Spokane River which we crossed as we entered Spokane following the Spokane Centennial Bike Trail.

More tomorrow!

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