Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 2 - Astoria, OR to Cathlamet, WA (Puget Island)

THE BASICS: Yesterday: Seaside, OR to Astoria, OR; 25 miles of biking and 4 of walking in beautiful weather; climbed about 1600 feet. About 20 miles of the ride were in a beautiful rural area between Seaside and Miles Crossing. Scotch Broom everywhere, also lupine, Queen Anne's Lace (?), phlox, bluebells, blackberry blossoms, clover, buttercups, and many other flowers. In the yards, rhododendrons, azaleas, lobelia, violets and still some tulips and lilacs.

In Astoria we climbed up 600 feet on Coxcomb Hill to the Astoria Column, a wonderful tower built in 1926 and funded by Vincent Astor (a great grandson of John Jacob Astor), and Ralph Budd, president of the Great Northern Railroad. It is the last of 12 such historical markers built between St. Paul, MN & Astoria, OR. The tower is covered with a spiral of pictures commemorating the history of the region, from before Europeans arrived to the arrival of the railroad in the 1880s. We were here in 1995 on a bike ride down the OR coast and made the same climb but the tower was being renovated and the murals were covered. We climbed the 164 steps up the 125 foot tower for an amazing view of the area - you can see the Columbia, Lewis & Clark and Young Rivers joining the Pacific Ocean.

Stayed at the Crest Motel on a hill on US 30 outside Astoria with a gorgeous view of the Columbia - same place we stayed on our 1st big bike trip 15 years ago. Walked back into town for a great dinner at the Rogue Brew Pub.

We will add pictures and a bit more text later today or tomorrow.


  1. I'm looking at the satellite view of this on google maps -- just spectacular!

  2. Awesome guys! So happy that you are on the road.