Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 6 - Friday, 5/14/10; Portland to Just Past Corbett

In Brief: 31 miles today - a rather complicated trek! Started from the Viking Motel on old 99 in Portland; had to make an unexpected detour due to a bridge closure - ended up with a couple of miles of walking the bikes where riding was not advised.

Combination of GREAT bike trail riding along the Columbia on the Marina Road Bike Path and spurts of not-so-fun riding on US 30 to Troutdale - picnic lunch stop at a county park at Blue Lake. In Troutdale hooked up with Old Columbia Highway/US 30, the country's first scenic highway and on for about 9-10 miles, mostly OK shoulders and wonderful scenery. Over 700 feet of climbing in the gorge, most of it in the last 4 miles of the day.

As we headed to the Gorge along Marina Road Bike Path out of Portland we had many views of Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helen's. In the picture you can just make out Mt. Hood at a point just slightly to the right of where the path disappears over the horizon.

Evening at Brickhaven B & B about 1 1/2 miles beyond Corbett. Incredible views of the Columbia Gorge and a great room with kitchenette; we fixed freeze-dried beef stroganoff and had the rest of the carrots and cucumber that made a part of our lunch, along with wine provided by our hosts and toast from the last of our lunch bread.

Riley has caught the cold which Becky got about a week before we left so we are taking it slow until he's on the mend. Saturday we will start late and go only to Cascade Locks, about 25 miles - we'd originally hoped to do a 45-50 mile ride as far as Hood River, but discretion is the better part of valor in this case.

For Those Who Want More:

Before we ran into the bridge closure, we rode through several miles of more nice Portland neighborhoods with great old houses and yards and churches and public buildings. What a lovely city!

Brickhaven B & B is in a really neat house built by a cartoonist for the Oregonian and his family of artistic offspring - artists, architects and the like, over a period of perhaps 20 years, starting in the 1950s. It is largely made of recycled materials - brick discards from a brickworks in Gresham, wooden floors from a 200 year old cannery in British Columbia, other floors from chimney flues, a blue bathtub with a spout which is a tile dragon worthy of Gaudi, the famous Barcelona artist, lots of windows and overhangs reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright, built-ins of the sort one sees in Craftsman Homes - truly wonderful. Our hosts Ed and Phyllis Tiemann have had guests from all over the world and are very active in community affairs, business and the arts - amazing people.

Good Night!


  1. Wow!!....all that with a cold!!! You guys are doing great!
    I just caught up with this week's blog entries....& I'm pooped
    from just reading about all those miles! I'm glad you guys
    are making sure to have a lot of socializing with people
    you meet on the road....having traveled solo , I find that
    to be the best way to keep your sanity & keep it Fun!
    Get some rest & stay healthy. Good for you two!!!