Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 7, Saturday, 5/15/10 - Brickhaven B & B in Corbett to Cascade Locks, OR

Just the Basics: Today was more like a half-day - just 23 miles and about 500' of climbing. Due to Riley's cold, a late night on Friday and lots of chatting over breakfast with Ed and Phyllis Tiemann, our hosts at Brickhaven, we didn't even start riding until 11 a.m. Still - for the week we have 198 miles in what is probably something like 5+ "full" riding days.

Today was mostly wonderful. We rode about 14 miles on the Old Columbia River Hwy which winds through absolutely gorgeous country. The road is very curvy and the shoulders are poor but on the weekends there are hordes of bikes and traffic that absolutely accommodates them - countless cars simply slowed behind us until it was safe for them to pass with no signs of impatience or ill will.

We also did a few miles on US Interstate 84, but there, too, all other vehicles were courteous and mostly the shoulders were VERY wide. Then on to a bike path that ran from Exit 40 all the way into Cascade Locks - no motorized vehicles at all - although there was an interesting spot where we had to detach our panniers and carry first our bikes and then our panniers down a 60 step stone stairwell!

We stopped -as always - at Multnomah Falls, which are REALLY huge this year - Ed Tiemann told us there had been an historically wet year and, indeed, all the falls were big. We had lunch at the old Multnomah Lodge - something we have never taken the time to do, for all the times we've stopped and hiked there. It was wonderful and we felt very happy.

Tonight we're staying in Cascade Locks, right along the river and the railroad, surrounded by the Cascades and the lush vegetation so characteristic this area: Lodge Pole Pines, Incense Cedar, ferns, hundreds of flowering plants, bushes of all kinds, birds everywhere, many streams and waterfalls - amazing.

We have decided not to rush through this beautiful place as we always do, but rather to go only as far as Hood River, tomorrow, and then we'll see about the next few days. If it turns out to be a great riding day we could change our minds and go as far as Mosier or The Dalles, but probably it's Hood River.

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  1. An Email from Cousin Steve: I've been reading your blog with great interest every day. Sounds like you are having A LOT of FUN!!! Your start is very definitely not an Iron Man pace, but it sounds like there is too much neat stuff along the way to check out and interact with to go racing through for the sake of the "Daily Quota of Mile-age (spelled phonetically!!!!)".

    Today for instance - how I wish I could have been part of a caravan of cyclists cruising the 14 mile strip of the Columbia River canyon. WOW!

    I'm guessing you all didn't get an "intersect" successfully coordinated with Pat & Walt.

    Are you planning to do any camping later in the trip or are you targeting B & Bs and road side lodges along the way?

    Well continue having fun and letting the rest us live vicariously though your adventure.

    Your Blog pages, digital camera pic uploads and occasional map updates (once Riley is up to snuff - Yargh! I made a nose joke and wasn't even trying. Pretty lame though) are going to need to be kept after your trip is over. No matter the Size of the hard drive that you need to buy to hold it all.

    And that is my perfect note to end on, Later Cousin Steve