Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 58, 7/5/10 - Stanley to Minot, ND

Just the Basics: 54 miles; total 1666. Mostly wide shoulders but much of the time they were gravel - usually "good" gravel (fairly fine, well-packed, and dry enough not to be muddy) but sometimes not so great. We did have the tailwind we hoped for but also had a light rain most of the day - sometimes not so light. We were treated to a lightning show as we approached Minot but never had a real storm. They are expecting heavy rain and hail but it has yet to materialize.

Meals: Breakfast at the motel cafe in Stanley - they didn't offer oatmeal so we enjoyed bacon and eggs. Lunch at a truck stop in Berthold - we learned that a BCB pizza is a Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza - it has pickles, ground beef, and, of course, cheese! Nice dinner at the local Grizzly Bear Restaurant (ND chain) in a mall near our motel.

Today's Photo: Haven't got one; although we really wish we'd taken a picture of the tent - see below!

Tomorrow: Don't worry if we don't post on the blog. Chances are we will be camping in the city park in either Granville, ND (24 miles) or Towner, ND (48 miles), or possibly at a motel or in a private campground in Rugby, ND. We'll blog if we can connect.

For Those Who Want More:
Our first biking-related injury: We pulled off to put on rain pants - we started the day with jackets on but deferred the rain pants until Riley's pockets started to get soaked, which called for putting the camera and his wallet in one of his waterproof Ortleib panniers and putting on our rain pants. Becky had dismounted and leaned her bike against her side as she got out the rain pants. The bike started to fall and she grabbed for it - OUCH!! She tore a jagged gash about 3/4 inch long over a joint on the palm side of her right index finger. It was really raining and it took us a while to stop the bleeding and get it sufficiently bandaged - everything in her handlebar bag got wet. The finger is sore but seems OK - we haven't tried to open the bandages - we figure it'd start bleeding again - and will continue to monitor it for any sign of infection or other trouble. Bother!

Our Tent: We have a brand new ultralight Big Agnes Copper Spur UL 2 tent which we have yet to use, - but pretty much expect to use tomorrow (the nearest motel is 67 miles away and we probably don't want to go that far). Riley decided we really needed to be sure we knew how to set it up, so while Becky was off starting a load of wash in the Comfort Inn laundry room, he got out the tent. We just had room to set it up - we're going to really like it! We're sorry we didn't take a picture of it all set up in our motel room.

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