Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 81, 7/28/10 - Isle to Cambridge, MN

Just the Basics: 53 miles. The first 24 required pretty focused biking - lots of traffic and not-too-wide shoulders. The rest of the day we were either on a couple of lightly traveled rural roads or on bigger roads with great shoulders. We rode through lots of woodsy-meadowy resort areas and some agricultural areas - cows and corn. We had a good lunch at McBee's Bar at Lake Ann - sat on an outside patio overlooking the lake and watched Canada geese. We also think we saw a pair of sandhill cranes in a meadow! Tonight we're at The Crossroads Inn in Cambridge.

Photos: Nope.

Tomorrow: About 30 miles total. First, about 12 on MN 95 to North Branch, then we hop onto The Sunrise Prairie Trail (off-road & paved) and then about 18 miles on the trail to Forest Lake.

For Those Who Want More:
Rain and Raccoons: We're really glad we spent a second day in Father Hennepin State Park, even though the raccoons got into our food again and ate a banana and tried to get the orange, apples and peanut butter, all of which we had to discard due to evidence of some success getting at them through plastic bags - it would appear they can work zippers!

So - why are we glad? Because in the late afternoon there were HUGE windstorms (68 mph) south of there (right where we would have been headed) and a HUGE rainstorm again and more rain later in the night. We ended up eating pizza at a bar in town instead of cold food in our tent because the storm caught us in town. Our drowned-rat appearance occasioned considerable comment in the bar and we'd only walked a couple of blocks from the store in the rain; imagine how we'd have looked if we'd walked the 1 1/2 miles to camp in that downpour!

Campfire & Necco Skybars: It cleared up while we were eating dinner, so on our way back to our campsite we bought firewood at the ranger station and had a campfire and ate our yummy Skybars, and Riley told Becky a wonderful story about a little bear living near Apgar Village in Glacier and how he learned to ride a bike - might even have been the little bear we ourselves saw there on this trip. More rain and heavy winds during the night.

Wet Stuff: This morning we spent about 1 1/2 hours hand-drying the tent and other stuff, and packing up, then into town for oatmeal & whole wheat toast at a great coffee house where they actually recycle plastic drink cups (iced coffee, smoothies, etc.) - Yay! Tonight there's a bit of a dank smell if you stand near the bikes in our motel room, but we think we've pretty much recovered from our rainy camping times. = ) = )

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  1. An Email from Cousin Steve: Soooo . . . it took until day 80, but you finally had a marginally crappy day like the rest of the world - only it happens to the rest of us all the time. I knew all that good karma vibe you've been putting out would only carry you so far.

    Welcome to normal reality!!!

    And of course, you make the typical "arrogant human" mistake and bring the wrath of the animal kingdom down on your head.

    Well, shake it off, put on your best "I love the world" smile and hit the ground running tomorrow (your today - depending on when you read this).

    Keep on Truckin'! Steve