Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 72, 7/19/10 - Ice Cracking Lake to Lake Atasca, MN

Just the Basics: 40 hilly miles through more beautiful country; riding conditions fine, albeit less idyllic than yesterday! We have a nice dinner underway, so just a few quick highlights for now!

Bert's Cabins: We're at Bert's Cabins. Our hosts are Pat and Dave Evenwoll - Pat's dad opened Bert's Cabins in 1939 - and it's very nice. There are 12 log cabins accommodating 2-8 folks; 5 are winterized. Pat says that when her Dad started the place most of the folks who stayed here were hikers, arriving on foot! We are the second cyclists to stay here this year.

Atasca State Park: We are just outside Atasca State Park where we visited the Headwaters of the Mississippi, a real highlight for both of us. At this point the Mississippi is less than 3 feet deep and about 20 feet wide - we waded across it and also walked on a log across it - the log had been planed to make a footbridge! Riley and his family had visited there when he was a child and he called his sister Dawn from there today.

Dinner: We bought a package of wild rice pilaf (wild rice, cranberries, barley & seasonings) at the park headquarters gift shop and already had a package of wild smoked salmon, and Riley just got back from the local store with a 500 ml box of wine, a can of green beans, and a package of two chocolate cupcakes - we also have a can of citrus salad. YUM!

Farming: Saw some farms today, mixed in with the Big Woods: Corn, beans, wheat, potatoes - and big irrigation rigs like we see in the Tri-Cities.

Photos: (1) Riley at the Headwaters of the Mississippi; (2) Becky Wading Across the Mississippi (see below); and (3) Lake Itasca from Peace Pipe Overlook

Tomorrow: About 30 miles to Bemidji, where we'll hope to find our first mail - forwarded to us at General Delivery by our friend Aisling, who's monitoring our mail for us at home!

For Those Who Want More: That's it - signing off for dinner! = ) = )

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