Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 78, 7/25/10 - Baxter, MN

Just the Basics: Holding in place today in Baxter. We worked on routing and scheduling - and discovered that we need to make about 60 more miles than we thought to reach Minneapolis-St. Paul in time to have dinner with some of Riley's aunts and uncles on Saturday. YIKES! We'll need to make tracks this week and may have less time for blogging.

Otherwise we worked on finances and such, took a long walk in a fruitless search for the NY Times, and had a picnic lunch in our room and a lovely pizza (bleu cheese, grapes and figs!!) at the Prairie Bay Restaurant for dinner.

Tomorrow: About 50 miles to Father Hennipin State Park, where we'll camp. We may not be able to access the Internet there, in which case we may not be able to blog on the 26h. The next day will also be long and probably involve both a thunderstorm and camping, so it may be 2 days before we're back online.

No Pictures Today.


  1. I've just been catching up with your last few days in Minnesota - they sound idyllic! Are you going to see Kathy and Sonia in Minneapolis? I'm going to send the link to this, if it's OK, to my Minnesota sister (now in Lake of the Woods), who will love to read it!

  2. Hi, Dee! Of course it's OK to send the link to your sister - and yes, we expect to see Kathy & Sonia, as well as some of Riley's relatives in the St. Paul area!