Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our full planned route to Bar Harbor

Here is a map of our full route from Seaside Oregon to Bar Harbor Maine, with a marker at our location as of July 13,2010.
You will need to change the map scale with the "minus" icon to the left, to see the full map.

View RileyBecky bike route in a larger map


  1. Looks amazing! When do you plan to go through Vermont? We'll be there late August and early September this year, and could come and meet you when you are near Randolph/Montpelier.

  2. @ Dee: Sadly, you'll be long gone before we get there, we think! Say hello to Barn House for us!

  3. Amazing to see how far you have already come across this big, big land! So glad to hear the finger continues to heal well! Thank you for the excellent communications!

  4. This trip saga has been thrilling to me. I can imagine the struggle on hills with all you luggage. Some day when you have a down time, if ever, it would be interesting to have a list of what you are actually carrying. I imagine you must carry ons as you need equipment for camping emailing, cooking raingear, etc. It boggles the mind! shirley