Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 121, 9/6/10 - Clyde to Vermillion, OH

Just the Basics:
NOTE on 9/7/10: We still have more to say about this day - but not tonight!
39 miles, mostly on fine roads at a reasonable temperature under cloudy skies. Tonight we're at the Lakeland Lodge just south of Vermillion, in a little duplex cabin not more than 100 feet from the shore of Lake Erie. We have a kitchenette and plan a fine dinner.

NOTE: Our Internet connection is having problems - Becky just finished a nice report on the day only to lose the connection and everything she'd written. = ( = ( We'll try again later, but right now we're going to go sit by Lake Erie and drink some Rose wine from Mon Ami Winery on Catawba Island, which is off the north coast of Ohio.

Today's Photos: (1) Becky in front of Lake Erie; (2) Riley in Lake Erie; (3) Becky kicking it up in Lake Erie.

Tomorrow: We go about 33 miles to Lakewood, which is quite near Cleveland. We plan to have a layover day in Cleveland to celebrate Becky's birthday on the 8th.

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