Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 131, 9/16/10 - Lockport, NY

Just the Basics: We are taking a layover day in Lockport. The weather forecast calls for rain all day, with a significant chance of thunderstorms. No thunderstorms yet but it poured most of the day!

No Photos Today:

Tomorrow: We ride about 31 miles to Albion, where we will stay at Dollinger's Motel. From Lockport we start a 90 mile segment of New York's 380 mile Erie Canalway Trail. Here's some info about this amazing car-free trail which will run from Albany to Buffalo when it is completed (currently about 3/4 done,we understand). The information about the trail is from the website of Parks & Trails New York at:

"About the Erie Canalway Trail
The approximately 380-mile Erie Canalway Trail route runs east-west between the cities of Albany and Buffalo in upstate New York. Along the way, it links the cities of Rochester, Syracuse, Rome, Utica, and Schenectady.

The trail is mostly level with an average grade of 1%, since it primarily follows canal and rail corridors. There are a few steeper grades and hills (climbs greater than 400 feet), mostly in the Mohawk River Valley.

The off-road segments of the Erie Canalway Trail route have different surfaces. Most of the trail is surfaced in stone dust, although there are significant paved sections and a few "natural" segments. The stone dust surface is comprised of crushed limestone, which, when compacted and dry, is hard like pavement and is universally accessible. However, when newly installed or wet, it can ‘grab’ the narrow wheels of touring and racing bicycles and wheelchairs. Wheeled users should use caution under the above conditions. The asphalt surfacing is similar to most paved roads.

Because stone dust is the most common surface type, wide tires are preferable for all types of bicycles and the use of a hybrid or mountain bike with non-knobby tires is recommended.

Natural surfacing basically means that the old towpath or rail corridor has been cleared of trees and brush. The trail tread along many of the natural segments is rutted and lined with roots. Persons riding bikes that aren’t equipped with wider tires and shocks or suspension will find these sections uncomfortable to ride at anything much above a walking pace and may want to seek out alternate on-road options. "

For Those Who Want More: This was a stay-in-and-work sort of day - email, work on finances, did some political stuff, etc. We ate a motel breakfast, and had lunch in our room from food we are carrying: peanut butter sandwiches, unheated canned green beans (That's OK - we actually enjoy unheated canned veggies in this sort of situation!), hot tea (there's a coffee pot in our room) and a shared cookie - one of the big ones we got as a gift yesterday from the Two Sisters Cafe in Orchard Park. Snacks: Hot beverages, the other cookie, and our last 2 apples - we gotta grocery shop tomorrow! Dinner at the nearby Mexican restaurant where we ate last night.

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