Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 144, 9/29/10 - Newcomb to Ticonderoga, NY

Just the Basics: 49 miles and something like 1500 feet of climbing. We only have three days ahead with a greater climb (1600, 1750, and 2000 feet) but each with fewer miles - 33, 24 and 34 miles, respectively.

We left at about 8:30 this morning and arrived at the Super 8 in Ticonderoga on Lake Champlain before 6 this evening.

When we resume our ride we will be taking a ferry across Lake Champlain into Vermont and starting on the last of Adventure Cycling's Northern Tier Route maps!

See For Those Who Want More for a few highlights of the day.

Today's Photos: (1) Our house at Aunt Polly's on 9/27 & 28, outside Newcomb; (2) The source of the Hudson River, in Newcomb; (3) Proof that we're not making that up; and (4) More fall color.

We have to say that our camera is not doing the fall colors justice. Although the days have mostly been gray, which makes for more subdued photos, the colors are much brighter and stronger than they appear to be in our pictures. At least twice today Riley announced that just the view at that moment made the entire trip worth it!

Tomorrow: To our disappointment, Thursday will be another layover day. = ( = ( The weather is not cooperating!

When we checked weather on TV last night, Thursday was supposed to be OK, but now they are predicting up to 5 inches of rain, starting sometime tonight and spread over the entire day tomorrow! A couple of folks have even told us that they heard predictions of snow for Saturday - but we have yet to see that online or on TV . . . YIKES!

For Those Who Want More: We have no big stories for today, but here are some interesting bits and pieces.

Leaving Newcomb: In the first few miles today we stopped 4 times on our way through Newcomb - which stretches out for several miles along NY Route 28 North:
(1) At a camp store to buy a paper;

(2) At the post office to mail 21 postcards and buy stamps - when we asked the clerk if the mail gets a Newcomb postmark she said she could stamp them herself - and got our postcards out of the bin where we had already deposited them and hand canceled all 21!

(3) At a very nice city park to use the restrooms - and, as it turned out, to admire a great view with a well-designed display panel which pointed out the 19 mountains visible from that spot!

(4) A stop at the local clinic, staffed by two physician's assistants, to check our directions. The clinic has a PA student doing a 5 week internship rotation there - she is staying at Aunt Polly's B & B which is also where our vacation home was - she came out and met us, too! We gather that the clinic regularly has students seeing practice there and they typically stay at Aunt Polly's.

Weather Reports: At all of our stops in Newcomb we asked what folks were hearing about the weather - they all thought it was changing for the worse, and the clerk at the Post Office had heard that it might snow on Saturday!

Later in the day we met a local cyclist - he said he hoped we weren't cycling tomorrow, as it was going to rain cats and dogs. At that point we called our motel to see if our room would be available Thursday, if needed (it was)!

We had a very late lunch - this is a very sparsely populated area and we foolishly passed up an eatery around noon - the next one didn't appear until Mile 36 - the Paradox General Store in (where else?) - Paradox. So - a "pair a docs" had lunch in Paradox. As we ate we chatted with the guy at the Deli counter - after a bit the other clerk said "You guys know about tomorrow's weather, right?" adding that no one should even drive tomorrow, let alone bike.

We stopped at a Rite Aid as we arrived in Ticonderoga - Becky needed contact lens solution - we buy it in small bottles, to save weight, so have to buy frequently. We also needed toothpaste - ditto on size - and new toothbrushes - we change them every two months on this trip because, among other things, they seldom have a chance to dry out properly between uses and even keeping the travel cases clean is a challenge. The clerk there had also heard that there might be snow on the weekend.

As you can see - folks are watchin' out for us!

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  1. It doesn't look to me as if you need worry about snow. If the weather predictions are correct it won't be cold enough except for Saturday and Sunday nights. But who knows; the weather me certainly didn't get our temperatures here right the last two weeks. They were consistently 5 degrees cooler than the real temp at my house. Imagine! 111 degrees in Costa Mesa, 113 in LA. It broke the thermometer in LA as well as the all time record!