Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 140, 9/25/10 - Boonville to Inlet, NY

Just the Basics: 41 miles through beautiful fall colors in the Adirondacks. We climbed nearly 1500 feet and got rained on and generally had a fantastic day.

We celebrated our 4000th mile today - we are so happy to have come this far! We are also thinking of altering our choice of final destination - we may decide to end our trip in Portland, Maine, instead of Bar Harbor, Maine, thereby saving about 160 miles and increasing the chance that we will actually make it coast to coast. Stay tuned!

Tonight we are at the Cinnamon Bear B & B just outside the little Adirondack town of Inlet on the Fulton Chain Lakes. It is utterly charming and we even have an electric candle in the window of our room which we left turned on when we walked to dinner so we could come home in the dark and see a candle lit in our window. When we got back from dinner at a nearby restaurant we found our host sitting in front of the fire with the other guests - a family of 3 - drinking tea and hot chocolate and visiting. We joined in and spent a very peaceful hour or so chatting and blogging and sipping tea with honey.

Today's Photos: (1) Speaks for itself; (2) Ditto - fall is here!

Tomorrow: We will probably go about 33 miles to Long Lake, NY. We have yet to arrange for lodging - if we know before we leave in the morning we'll update the blog.

For Those Who Want More: There isn't really any more - it's just been a day of pretty stiff riding but in a beautiful environment and a generally good day.

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