Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 124, 9/9/10 - Cleveland to Mentor, OH

Just the Basics: 36 miles, mostly difficult - varying kinds of urban riding, lots of traffic, windy, sometimes chilly, with a few hills. There were also some miles on bike trails but the overriding theme of the day was definitely highly-focused somewhat stressful urban riding. We passed Mile 3500 today and have less that 1000 to go!

We also came our closest yet to getting lost, only about 4 miles from our motel - rain was threatening and we missed a turn and a very busy road with no shoulder stretched before us and it was getting closer to dusk. Then a kind motorist gave us alternate directions and we started off. However, the alternate route looked sort of dicey at first so we we pulled off and consulted our big Ohio atlas. Then Cyclist Bob pulled up to see if we needed help. He agreed with the route recommended by the passing motorist and accompanied us through the first two steps of it - the rest was easy. What luck!

Fun Stuff: We had Polish sausages with sauerkraut from a downtown cart and spent a couple of great hours at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. = ) = )

Tonight it's late and we are beat so we're going to sign off with what is likely our shortest blog ever!

No Photos:

Tomorrow: We go about 40 miles to Ashtabula, where we will rent a car and drive down to Chagrin Falls to visit one of Becky's cousins - whom she has never met! We'll have dinner and spend the night there, go out to breakfast in the morning, and then head back to trade the car for the bikes and head for Pennsylvania - which we will reach sometime in the afternoon!

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