Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 133, 9/18/10 - Albion to Rochester, NY

Just the Basics: 42 miles for a total of 243 miles for the week. We again spent the day along the Erie Canal Trailway - no cars and a great day. We are tired and it's late so here are some quick highlights:

  • Warm and sunny today - no need for gloves or jackets.
  • Nice chat with Sue and Lois who have been riding sections of the Canalway when they have time.
  • Rode along with Scott outside Brockport - he guided us to Mythos Greek Restaurant for lunch and went inside to see if his daughter was waitressing today - she wasn't, but he told us Stephanie (?) would take good care of us - and she did! Riley had a great Gyro salad with pita wedges and Becky had a small Greek salad and an excellent pita with veggies, yogurt and beautifully cooked lamb.
  • Nice chat after lunch with Chris (?), riding from Portland to Bar Harbor - he says there are several other riders nearby.
  • Stopped at the Bicycle Outfitters across the street from Mythos, where Josh filled our tires and gave advice about riding the Erie Canalway Trail. He told us that when the trail is really dry it's very dusty - we're better off when it is a bit damp.
  • Nice long chat with a dad and daughter cycling near a place where we stopped for a peanut butter sandwich snack - she is 10 and named Iz, like one of our granddaughters.
  • Wonderful Japanese dinner at Sakura Home, very near our motel. We both had yakisoba with pork and lovely fresh veggies and a Sapporo beer and green tea ice cream - and Riley also had some steamed rice. YUM!
Today's Pictures: (1) a 2-10-0 Steam Locomotive seen in Hamburg, NY; (2) A Lock on the Erie Canal; (3) A View Along the Canal; and (4) Canal Maintenance Boats

Tomorrow: Not sure yet. There are lots of places to stay ahead and we may stop at 35 miles or try for 45 or something in between - stay tuned. We will still be riding on the Erie Canalway Trail much of the day.

For Those Who Want More: That's all there is!

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