Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 139, 9/24/10 - Redfield to Boonville, NY

Just the Basics: 31 hilly but pretty miles today. We had a tail wind much of the day and see more fall colors every day.

We got away from our cabin at the CrossRoads Inn by 8:30, following a great breakfast of bacon, scrambled eggs, fried leftover potatoes, coffee and Raisin-ettes. We knew we needed to climb something like 1200 feet but made better time than expected and were in Boonville by 3 p.m., where we are at the Hulbert House Hotel.

A highlight of the day was meeting Katie and Scott, a pair of cross-country cyclists from Bozeman, MT. They started at the coast in WA and are headed for Portland, Maine, also following the Adventure Cycling Northern Tier Route. They are going to Portland instead of Bar Harbor because it is closer and they need to finish their trip soon. They are doing 50-60 miles a day and mostly camping and are very inspiring! They have also done lots of backpacking here and abroad. We had dinner together and it was great to hear some of their stories. They have actually booked their train trip home so have a very tight schedule from here on out!

Today's Photo: Scott and Katie - see above!

Tomorrow: We will go about 39 miles with about 1000 feet gain in elevation to Inlet, NY, where we'll be staying at the Cinnamon Bear B & B.

For Those Who Want More: That's all there is.

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