Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 122, 9/7/10 - Vermillion to Lakewood, OH

Just the Basics: 37 miles. The weather is warmer but OK. We had a helpful tailwind much of the day – but UN-helpful gusts to 42 mph! We had LOTS of traffic much of the way but we made good time and arrived at our motel in decent shape but more tired than usual due to the intensity of the riding. That said - Riley no longer thinks it necessary for Becky to skip riding through Cleveland, as her cycling-in-traffic skills and comfort level have really grown of late - we had originally planned to rent a car and have her drive through while Riley cycled through. This makes both of us happy!

Aside from the riding itself, there is not a lot to report today. We had a nice visit this morning with Dick, our host at the Lakeland Lodges, and then made a quick visit to the Inland Seas Maritime Museum in Vermillion, where we particularly appreciated a series of displays on major shipwrecks in the Great Lakes and a very nice mural-with-narration focused on the last 100 years of boat types sailing on the Great Lakes.

We had lunch in Sheffield Lake at what looked like a hamburger stand but turned out to be a mini-French restaurant. We shared delicious crepes (one roasted vegetable and one ham and cheese), served on real china plates, for $5.29 each; and good strong coffee in real cups. The veggies were locally grown and organic. We also enjoyed one of the periodic conversations we've had with motorcyclists. You might guess that cyclists and motorcycle riders might not have much in common, but we find an overlap of interests: Both groups enjoy the outdoors, the freedom, and touring.

No Photos Today.

Tomorrow: We will stay in place here in the Cleveland area to celebrate Becky’s 64th birthday. We plan to visit museums, stay in a downtown hotel, and have a nice dinner out. Consequently, we may not blog tomorrow.

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