Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 134, 9/19/10 - Rochester to Sodus Point, NY

Just the Basics: Second Update, 9/20/10: As you will see on the post for 9/20, we didn't go to Oswego after all. We have also added pictures to this post and, in For Those Who Want More, a list of topics we intend to get back to later.

Destination Update, 9/20/10: We are going off route to Oswego in order to find a place to stay at a reasonable travel distance for today. We will be able to get back to our mapped route pretty easily and with little or no additional miles over the next couple of days.

Just the Basics: 51 miles; 2 in Rochester, 22 on the Erie Canalway Trail, and the rest in the hills of upstate NY, ending at the Maxwell Creek Inn B & B just 2 miles east of Sodus Point. We have had a great day and a lovely evening and will be back with the details later.

We love the B & B - great ambiance, great atmosphere, and most of all, great, accommodating hosts, Pat & Belinda McElroy, Maxwell Creek Inn B & B, 2563 Lake Road, Sodus, NY; 315-483-2222

Today's Pictures: (1) An Emergency Gate in the Erie Canal; (2) A Lock where there is a 16 foot difference between the water levels at the two ends of the lock; (3) Canaltown Days Parade in Palmyra, NY; and (4) A lovely farm stand - which was, unfortunately, closed when we stopped by.

Tomorrow: We expect to go about 42-44 miles to Fulton or Volney, depending on the availability's of lodging.

For Those Who Want More:
Canaltown Days in Palmyra - Home of the Latter Day Saints (Mormon) Church.

Emergency Gates on the Erie Canal:

Dinner at the Steger Haus Restaurant in Sodus Point:

Sleeping in Massachusetts - According to the Premption Line!

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