Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 101, 8/17/10 - Lowden to Muscatine, IA

Just the Basics: 38 hilly miles. Light rain fell much of the day; we and the panniers arrived pretty wet and our room at the Super 8 in Muscatine has quite a bit of stuff spread around, some of it drying out, some of it simply removed from panniers so that they can dry out - Becky's panniers, particularly, get pretty wet when it rains.

The last stretch into Muscatine was on an off-road trail which was pretty wet and rough and it turned out to also be too off-road - when we needed to get off the trail we couldn't! However, Riley did some reconnoitering and figured out we could just bushwhack up a slope and end up beside U.S. 61, near where our motel was located - so we did, with Riley charging up the hill with his bike and then leaving his bike by the road and coming back to push Becky's from behind while she walked beside it and steered.

We had mostly light traffic today and cool rain beats the hot humid days we faced last week!

Tomorrow: We go about 44 miles to the Hillcrest Campground in Orion, IL. It is actually a big golf course and an RV Golfing Park - they advertise that dad can golf, mom can sit by the pool, and the kids can enjoy swimming and hiking . . . but they also have tent sites, laundry facilities and a restaurant and they are located where we need a place to stay!

Today's Photos: Our innkeeper at the Lincoln Hotel, as we left this morning.

For Those Who Want More: That's pretty much it; it was a "just keep making little circles" (with your feet) sort of day.

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