Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 110, 8/26/10 - Greenhouse B & B to Watseka, IL

Just the Basics: 36 miles during which we did some experimenting with back country roads to improve our route - in one case avoiding several miles of gravel in favor of better surfaces and in another avoiding some miles on a fairly busy "highway" with no shoulders. = ) = )

The weather was good, the skies were mostly clear, the scenery mainly farmland - soybeans and corn, a few cows, and once, some horses.

Kind of a "just the basics" day. We rode, we are at a Super 8, we had dinner at a small family restaurant and lunch at another - that's about it except for our breakfast at the Greenhouse B & B, which was magnificent: Omelets with cheese, onions and golden tomatoes; sweet potatoes; bacon; crepes; fruit cups of pineapple, strawberries and melon; juice; and coffee.

As we were getting ready to leave we saw the Hoffman's Guinea Hens walk by - they roam the place during the day and roost with the hens at night. We also visited their chickens, which are penned up as long as the garden is producing (they like fresh veggies), but otherwise roam freely, eating bugs and fertilizing the yard and garden. Apparently the Guinea Hens aren't interested in the garden but are particularly fond of ticks and fleas - the Hoffman's have 3 Corgis and are glad to have the Guinea Hens help out with flea and tick control!

Today's Photos: Didn't take any today - we wish we'd photographed the Guinea Hens and chickens!

Tomorrow: We go about 42 miles to Rensselaer, IN, where we will have dinner with our good friends Ephraim and Janie, who live about 45 minutes from there but are driving up to meet us.

For Those Who Want More: No more today.

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  1. Thank you for dropping by my parents! They love guests!