Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 95, 8/11/10 - Gutenberg, IA

Just the Basics: We are having a lay-over day in Gutenberg and your faithful scribe (Becky) has been catching up on the last 2 day's blogs and is getting a tad tired of blogging, so here's what we've got!
  • Got up late and had coffee and delicious sweet treats at The Buzz, a great little coffee house with couches, and a great atmosphere in a beautifullly refurbished old building (maybe > 150 years old!) which still has it's old tin ceiling!

  • Lunch at The Picket Fence - who should we meet going out but our waitress from The Riverfront last night - who recognized and greeted us. Learned a great new word game from the folks at the next table: I like coffee, but not tea. I like glue but not paste. I like horses but not Texas. I like rivers but not streams - got it??? Had great lunches and lovely pie. Learned that the cook is a cyclist who rides Ragbrai.

  • Becky got a haircut.

  • Caught up on blogging, postcards, and other paperwork and business.

  • Went to the grocery store and replenished our fruit and cookie supply but couldn't find the right kind of bread - it needs to be small and dense, like raisin bread, to fit in our quart Ziploc bread box and survive in our panniers.

  • Spent several hours in the library - Becky blogging, et cetera and Riley reading - a very nice modern building with more hours open than is typically the case, especially in small towns.

  • We plan an early dinner and a very early start tomorrow - still working on ways to beat the heat - YIKES!

  • The thunderstorms predicted for today have yet to materialize - but we've certainly enjoyed this day off and the heat is supposed to start declining day-after-tomorrow - we fervently hope so!
Today's Photos: (1) The Landing, our wonderful hotel - see yesterday's blog for more info on The Landing; (2) Our room at The Landing - we also have an easy chair and a small table and chair, a TV and a bathroom. Note the stone wall. Check out their website - you can find it by Googling The Landing, Gutenberg, IA.

Tomorrow: 23 (?) miles to Dyersville on U.S. Highway 52.

For Those Who Want More: That's all there is.

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