Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 112 , 8/28/10 - West Lafayette, IN

Just the Basics: Last night our dear friends Janie and Ephraim Fischbach drove some 40 miles to Rensselaer to take us out to dinner - we had the best restaurant meal we've had since Portland! We had already taken a motel here in Rensselaer for Friday and Saturday but we left most of our stuff and the bikes in the motel and went home to spend the night at their lovely big house in West Lafayette and spent Saturday together there. Riley and Ephraim talked lots of physics and visited Ephraim's lab; we had a great breakfast in a local restaurant; went to the Farmer's Market; did some necessary shopping; and pretty much talked non-stop about politics, family, world problems, mutual friends, our work, retirement, their recent vacation in Oregon and, of course, our bike trip! We have met lots of interesting people on this trip and had some great conversations and learned lots of things - but there is nothing like spending time with compatible long-time friends.

Today's Photos: (1) Becky and Janie at the kitchen table in the Fischbach's lovely home; (2) Janie, Becky and Ephraim; (3) Janie, Riley and Ephraim;

Tomorrow: 55 miles to a campsite in a city park in Fletcher, IN - if we're lucky there will be a pit toilet and water. During this time we will go through only 1 other town, which is supposed to have groceries, a place to eat, and a post office. The next morning we will have to go another 20 miles to get to a town! Since we'll be camping, we may not be in a spot where we can blog - if not, we'll catch up later.

For Those Who Want More: That's it for today.

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