Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 115, 8/31/10 - Peru to Markle, IN

Just the Basics: 51 miles, with some REALLY big hills, but all and all a good riding day, by and large on quiet paved roads. We are at the Super 8 in Markle.

Our route today took us along the Wabash River and through the Salamonie State Forest and over the dam at Salamonie Lake.

Today's Photos: (1) Morning glories beside a corn field on the Paw Paw Pike near County Road 300E; and (2) Scene on the road through Salamonie State Forest.

Tomorrow: We bike about 35 miles to Monroeville, IN - which will be our last town in Indiana and the last of this Adventure Cycling Northern Tier Route Map - the next map takes us through Ohio, a corner of Pennsylvania, and part way across Western New York State.

For Those Who Want More:
Peru Encounter: As we cycled along 3rd Street through Peru another cyclist came alongside - Aaron on his way to work. He told us about a new rail trail in the area which sounded great - although it wouldn't work for us. It is so exciting to see all the new trails that are cropping up, even during this difficult economic time. He also told us about a coffee house in town that sounded great - fair trade coffee and lots of locally-sourced food, some of which is obtained through barter. We were sorry we'd already had breakfast and that it was enough out of our way that we didn't feel we had time just to go for coffee!

Martini Report: Nope. We had pizza in the room tonight so we could watch the president's speech. The pizza place didn't even have beer. They told Riley the town has only 3 places with a liquor license - 2 bars and a liquor store. Riley rode into town for wine to go with the pizza and got an interesting bottle of red (not many choices) . . . . the search will continue!