Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 29, 6/6/10 - St. Regis, MT

Just the Basics: A quiet layover day in St. Regis. The promised rain fell in the afternoon - we were glad we weren't riding in it.

Riley spent nearly the entire day glued to the computer on a work-related project - which he finished. He also looked at elevations and weather for the next couple of days, using Map My Route.

Becky finished dealing with laundry, went to the grocery store; wrote and mailed 17 postcards; made lunch; did some work on "Project Rain-proofing," (involving the use of 1.1 mil puncture-proof 13 gallon kitchen trash bags); read more in Undaunted Courage; and nearly devoured the entire Sunday edition of The Missoulian - a paper for which our son-in-law Jack used to work! Also had a good phone conversation with Jack, who's working on a documentary project on public policy and oceans - stay tuned!

After dinner we took a short walk to the town park where there is a great large, multi-panel wooden sign with lots of information about local history and recreational opportunities. It was very nicely done with carved wooden borders, hand-lettering, a combination of text and photos, and a history of the creation of the park, which dates back to the early 1980s. The town has been sustained by lumbering, provisioning settlers, railroading and now mainly tourism, enduring the economic ups and downs associated with each of these enterprises - it made a great finish to our stay here.

Tomorrow: We plan to ride about 50 miles to Hot Springs, where we have a motel reservation. We'll be riding on highways 135 along the Clark Fork River, 200, and 28. We will climb about 1900 feet, mostly 3% grade or less; the weather is supposed to be OK.

Photos: None today.

For Those Who Want More: You got what there is!

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