Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 36, 6/13/10 - Apgar Village, Glacier Park, MT

Just the Basics: Another wonderful R & R day in Glacier - a rival for our affections with Yosemite, which we consider "our" park. Some highlights:

A morning coffee walk - a favorite camping tradition; we make coffee and stroll through the campground - we're not camping this time but there is a campground and we walked about 1/4 mile to it and all around 1 loop. We were happy to note a site reserved for hikers & bikers. This one had spaces for 3 tents, a fire ring, 2 picnic tables and a barbecue. In this campground there are leveled, framed designated tent sites - no wandering around trying to decide where to put the tent!

3 Rs: We both did a little Readin'; Becky did some Ritin' (16 postcards and the Blog); and Riley did some 'Rithmetic, calculating distances and elevation changes from here to Minot, SD - 600 miles and about 6700 feet of climbing. We'll be in MT for a LONG TIME.

Riding the Red Bus: Glacier Red Bus Tours have been a greatly loved feature of the Park since 1936. When the season is in full swing, there are many different tours. Right now there is one on the East side and one on the West; we took the 3 1/2 hour West side's Huckleberry Mountain Tour along both sides of the Lake. We learned quite a bit about natural history and ID'd a bush we'd been seeing for a while - some sort of hawthorne, perhaps Black Hawthorne. Benny, our bus driver, was great.

Today's Photos: (1) View of the Rockies over Lake McDonald; (2) Our Red Bus

Tomorrow: 32 miles & about 1150 feet of climbing to Essex, where we'll stay at the historic Izak Walton Lodge

For Those Who Want More: See you tomorrow!


  1. I just started reading and enjoying your Blog today. What a great read! I'm so happy you are spending some time in hotels and motels .. I can just imagine how much more uncomfortable life out of a tent in the rain would be. George and I have toured Clacier/Waterton by tandem 15 years ago and included the Going to the Sun highway. Lots of excitements. RIDE ON. Regards, Jane (of Jane and George, Richland)

  2. Hi, Jane - and George! Welcome on the journey; with your 2 cross-country rides you're a great model!