Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 39, 6/16/10 - East Glacier, MT

Just the Basics:
A weather-mandated layover day - cold and rainy with head winds of 14 mph and gusts to 30 predicted. Will do the same tomorrow - winds to average 17-18 mph with gusts to 40. Not safe for highway biking in this area.
Spent the day confined to quarters, which made us restless. Becky doing postcards, a couple of letters and reading, Riley working on decisions about political donations and such with a bit of help from Becky.

Today Riley looked at the maps for the rest of the route. We have 3714 mapped miles ahead of us; if we can keep to our goal of 200 miles per week we should arrive in Bar Harbor, ME by 10/23/10. There are, of course, many ifs - weather, for one thing, as we are experiencing today. In addition, our knees, hips and such occasionally remind us (gently, so far) of our ages and that we probably shouldn't count on making it to Bar Harbor - but we're optimistic.

Dinner: Prompted by our motel hostess we went to Serrano's Mexican restaurant for dinner. As she suggested, a $10.95 nacho "appetizer" was actually a meal for 2 - chips, chicken, black beans, guacamole, sour cream, onion, tomatoes, cilantro - YUM! We also enjoyed very good classic margaritas.

Tomorrow: Staying here due to severe weather, unless the forecast improves.

Today's Picture: Look how low the snow level is after recent storms and chilly weather!


  1. Stormy days have their own beauty don't they. Seeing that picture reminds me of some wonderful times hiking, biking or just relaxing on stormy days.

  2. Good morning Becky & Riely, we have been following you since meeting you in the forest at Apgar Villiage (Hood family). We too enjoyed a meal at Serrano's, just a lucky stumble upon for us, ss the kids were starving by the time we left Two Medicine. We have recommended your sight to several of our friends and family in Missouri. We will keep followeing ss you make your trek. The weather here in Missoula has been much the same. We have gotten to swim both indoors and ourdoors this week. Remember, it is not about the destination but the journey. Thinking of you often, the Hood family.

  3. that place is absolutely beautiful! I know you don't know me but I am the girlfriend of Mark the bike shop mgr at lookout that helped y'all out. Enjoying following your trip! :)

  4. @ David & Family - We certainly remember you and are glad you're enjoying the Blog. We're also glad to know your last name. Welcome!

    @ Susan: Welcome - We feel like we know you from hearing about you from Mark.