Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 45, 6/22/10 - Havre, MT

Just the Basics: Just a few miles to the Bullhook Community Clinic, one of the wonderful network of community clinics with federal funding which grew out of the civil rights movement - really inspiring and the nurse practitioner we saw was great - as were all the staff. Becky's left knee got a cortisone shot and all should now be well.

BIG NEWS OF THE DAY: Today we met 7 other touring cyclists! We had dinner & then beer with 2 great east-to-west touring couples. John and Kathi are biking from Wisconsin to Anacortes and Kate and Derek from Minnesota to as far as they get in the next month. Both are doing blogs and Kathi took some group photos she's going to email to us - stay tuned. It was wonderful to have a social evening with folks who are sharing this great adventure - and who also turned out to be such neat people.

After the beer we went to walk on the road above the railroad yard and everyone went their separate ways. However, on our way past our dinner restaurant there was Derek calling us in to meet another group of 3 eastbound cyclists! The restaurant was closing so we didn't talk long and failed to get their names (John, and Kristen and Brian, we think) - but pretty cool!

We also liked Roger, the Havre Bike Shop guy, who was able to quickly install a new derailleur for Riley's bike and make it work for all three gear ranges, although it was not a perfect match for the one that died. We also bought 3 tubes - we have given up on our beloved-but-very-heavy thorn-proof tubes in favor of carrying more of the lighter regular ones.

Nice breakfast (oatmeal w/raisins & almonds for $2.75 a bowl!) and dinner (liver and onions - I know, but we LIKE liver and onions) at Cher's Cafe next to the Siesta Motel (great!) and a good lunch at Wolfie's Diner, which has a a 50s theme. We had bowls of good chili and shared a chocolate malt.

Today's Photo: Burlington Northern & Santa Fe's diesel repair shop as seen from a road bridge over the train yard in Havre.

Tomorrow: Tomorrow will be a short ride - just 20 miles or so to Chinook. The shortness of the ride is dictated by the locations of towns with motels for our next couple of days, which will be 49 and 45 miles to Dodson and Saco, respectively.

For Those Who want More: Maybe tomorrow: Havre Underground and the Railway Museum


  1. So glad that Havre had what you needed! I am impressed that you were able to get a cortisone shot for your knee at short notice. Hope all is going well today...
    Love, Mary

  2. No problem posting the above comment...from my work PC. Either an Mac issue or something specific to my computer at home, then. Any other Mac users having trouble posting comments? thx MT

  3. An Email from Cousin Steve: Don't look now, but you already gave us a whole lot of "for those who want more" in your "Just the Basics" section of your blog. MOST of those "flower" bullets were for those who want more tidbits, kiddo. You typed up a storm, just didn't separate it into different sections.

    Don't know the particulars about your knee, and I know yer lookin' fer a doc to check you out, but if your travel weight load can handle, you might want to get a small electric heating pad from a drugstore. One of those kind that you can slip a piece of wet foam sponge material for a warm, wet heat for your knee. They come just big enough to cover the front and sides or back and sides with a three position control switch and ties. Feels really great on cranky knees. Because of motel set ups, you might need to get an extension cord to go with it or move a chair or bed to close to the outlet.

    Drugstores and sporting goods store both have slide on sleeve style knee braces (without metal stays). Just squeeze the knee enough to feel better while in constant motion. Tight enough so they won’t slip down while pedaling, if you get the right size.

    Don’t forget to take your aspirin!!!

    Later, Steve