Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 35, 6/12/10 - Apgar Village, Glacier National Park, MT

Just the Basics: It's basically been a lazy day in the cabin. We slept more than 9 hours - not surprisingly, given our ages, we pretty much take every chance to sleep late that presents itself - and we never try to cut sleep short in favor of an early start.

We rode about 6 miles today - down to West Glacier and back to do laundry and grocery shopping and make a brief visit to Canada's Welcome Center there. Glacier is part of a wonderful and unique International Peace Park - Glacier on this side and Watertown on Canada's side of the border; it is collaboratively managed by the 2 countries, the State of Montana and the Province of Alberta, and the Blackfoot Peoples, and is a World Heritage Site.

On the ride over to West Glacier we met a very nice family that had stopped on the path to watch and photograph a deer. They were spending the summer in Missoula where the dad was taking a summer class at the University, and it was fun talking with them about our ride.

We've spent the rest of the day catching up on business and email, making reservations for Monday and Tuesday nights, reading, doing some cooking and the like - very laid back and pleasant.

We love the setting of the Apgar Village Lodge and the cabin is just right for us - clean, simple, lots of windows and great views, enough dishes and such available that we can actually cook, etc. They get lots of cyclists and when we checked in we were each given "bike bags," which contained rags for wiping down wet bikes and gear and a couple of big trash bags to use for covering the bikes if we left them outside or to put on the floor under them if they were inside! Pretty clever!

Today's Photo: Deer grazing below a bridge over the Flathead River in West Glacier - the beginning of the bike path to Apgar Village goes down beside the bridge.

Tomorrow: We will stay here, avoiding weekend traffic around the park. Monday we head for Essex, where we have a room at the Isaac Walton Lodge.

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  1. Looks like a trip of a lifetime. Sorry we have missed so many calls from you - - we have been WAY crazy busy lately. So glad you are able to enjoy such a wonderful experience. Keep on keeping on!
    Nancy and Mike