Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 49, 6/26/10 - Saco to Glasgow, MT

Just the Basics: First Things First: Congratulations to our grandchildren Carina, Owen and Jonah for the successful completion of another school year - grades 3, 1 and 4-year-old pre-school, respectively!

44 miles, making a grand total of 277 for the week, despite our Tuesday layover in Havre and the short ride (21 miles) from Havre to Chinook on Wednesday! This is the end of Week 7 - we have come 1,381 miles, almost the 200/week we hope to average.

Other than that, mostly same-old/same-old: The shoulders varied but riding conditions were mostly OK to good; as always, if traffic required it we stopped. Rolling terrain. Tail wind most of the day. Warm but often overcast, which mitigates that. Mosquitoes out in full force. Met SIX more eastbound cyclists today, all men (groups of 2, 3 and 1); not much interaction. It was sprinkling when we left Saco and we wore our jackets but soon removed them, as we were climbing quite a bit and it was too hot. In the end - no rain. = )

The terrain continues to be lovely: Fields of grain; meadows; pastures with stock grazing (mostly cows but today we also saw some sheep and a goat); mile after mile of sweet-smelling prairie clover; red wing blackbirds and curlews; yellow salsify going to seed in great white tennis-ball-sized poufs.

Today's Photo: Haven't got one.

Tomorrow: 56 miles to Wolf Point, MT on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation - we expect temperatures in the 80s and a tailwind much of the way. After that it is supposed to get hotter and shift to a southeast wind (translation: headwind), so we will see . . . .

For Those Who Want More: Just short and sweet today.

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