Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 41, 6/18/20 - East Glacier to Cut Bank, MT

Just the Basics: It's been a complicated day. 50 miles with a surprising amount of climbing and a late start due to weather.

Within a couple of miles of East Glacier Riley's gears developed a problem and he can no longer access the lower range of gears. Later in the day he had a flat tire - we found a slit in his tire but no obvious culprit as far as the flat is concerned. There is a bike shop in Havre (about 125 miles from here) where we should be able to get some attention for his gears and hopefully a new thorn-resistant tube, possibly a new tire, too. If we need more help than they can supply, there is another bike shop in Glasgow, another 158 miles from Havre. If we need help sooner or neither place can take care of things, we will take the train back to Whitefish to the bike shop there - or something! Yikes.

There was also plenty of good riding and a nice visit to the Museum of the Plains Indians in Browning, but we're beat, so will tell about all that tomorrow.

Tomorrow: For reasons having to do with the spacing of towns in this sparsely-populated area, we expect to go only 24 miles, to Shelby.

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  1. An Email from Cousin Steve: Bike Tires & Tubes in Cut Bank!
    Ben Franklin
    601 W. Main St.
    Cut Bank, MT 59427

    If you see this before you leave town, give them a call to see what tires & tubes they have in stock. They are affiliated with Hardware Hank and their web site listed 7 pages of tire & tube related products. You might get lucky.

    The gear thing sounds like good quality bike shop for sure, but you might try seeing if there are any salvage yards along the way that you might be able to scavenge something from, in case the 125 & 275 mile away bike shops are too far.

    Google local chamber of commerce for the towns you are going through - that's how I found the Ben Franklin place. You might find local bike shops that aren't on the 'net. Or local clubs - like bike clubs that might be able to lend you a hand or cannibalize someone's spare bike.

    Good luck! Steve