Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 33, 6/10/10 - Kalispell to Columbia Falls, MT

Just the Basics: 19 miles along US 2, MT 35 and Columbia Falls Stagecoach Rd (the latter thanks to a tip from the bike staff at Wheaton's in Kalispell). We couldn't leave Kalispell until after noon, as we were waiting for some bike equipment coming in Wheaton's UPS delivery at that time.

We're off to dinner and a movie in Columbia Falls - there's a Glacier Centennial Film Festival going on and we think we're going to see Red Skies of Montana, a movie about firefighting in the Northwest, and a documentary about the 1910 Big Burn.

We'll post more tonight or in the morning.

Today's Photos: Approaching the Rocky Mountains along Columbia Falls Stagecoach Road.

Tomorrow: We expect to go to West Glacier; if that changes we'll update.

For Those Who Want More: See Day 34!


  1. After spending 20 minutes reading The Wall Street Journal and the Tri-City Herald today, the world was looking rather grim to me. I visited your blog and feel renewed and optimistic again! Your photos are wonderful!

  2. Hi!

    A cycling family that is on a tour you will find inspiring-- The Pedouins:

    Nick and I are excited to hear you're going to Glacier! We'll be going there with his brother to hike in two weeks (and to the Wallowa Mtns and to Hell's Canyon)!

    Hugs and joy!

  3. Looks like you guys have some climbing yet to do, if that lovely view East is any indication ;)

  4. Ash - We actually saw these guys from the opposite side of the highway on Day 4 of our trip - amazing!!!