Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 51, 6/28/10 - Wolf Point to Culbertson, MT

Just the Basics: 58 miles - much better than we expected! It did get hot, but we often had either a side-wind or a bit of a head-wind to cool us, and occasionally enjoyed riding in cloud shadow. Hilly, but not as much as expected - when we looked at elevation gain we failed to see that actually we would be off U.S. 2 for about 2/3 of the way, on BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) 1, which was considerably less hilly. BEST OF ALL, BIA 1 was VERY lightly travelled - a great relief from U.S. 2! We also took it easy - stopped to smell the flowers (literally - we ID'd a new one), enjoyed a picnic lunch plus nap, etc.!

Identified a new flower - Showy Milkweed. Again, tons of flowers - our faithful Purple Prairie Clover, yarrow, a pink composite similar to cone-flower, a new magenta pea-like flower . . . .

Had a neat steak/fries/beer dinner at 100 year old Montana Bar in Culbertson.

Kindness of Strangers: DIANE, proprietress of the King's Inn Motel in Culbertson. We pulled into the motel tonight to a rush of concern from Diane - it seemed that motels might be VERY hard to find for a while. We have: Several local centennials coming; the holiday weekend; AND lots of motels full of workers on a new dam and new oil fields (learned a new word - the drilling crews are staying in "mancamps" provided by the oil companies, but auxiliary workers are in motels). Within an hour she had us organized through Sunday, 7/4; more details tomorrow - it was amazing!

Today's Photos: We'll post 'em tomorrow.

Tomorrow: 45 miles to Williston, ND and the Super 8 Motel - we will be there Tuesday and Wednesday nights, 6/29 and 30. It is supposed to be much hotter and we expect head winds. YIKES!

For those Who Want More: Tomorrow, we promise!

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