Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 50, 6/27/10 - Glasgow to Wolf Point, MT

Just the Basics: 50 miles, pretty good riding conditions most of the time and the mosquitoes were not a problem - could the worst be over for a while in that regard? We actually managed a mosquito-free picnic lunch at a little picnic shelter in Frazer where we again encountered the family with 9 year old triplets riding cross country - see the photo.

Today's Pictures: (1) John, Valerie, Dierdre, Ian and Zara - Bound from Portland to Washington, DC on a tandem and a triple; the triplets are 9 years old! (2) Some beautiful prairie grass which we've been seeing and admiring for some time.

Tomorrow: 57 miles to Culbertson, where we'll be staying at The King's Inn Motel. We expect an 88 degree high, a south wind of 7 mph and some BIG hills near the end - YIKES!!

For Those Who Want More:
Flora: More of the wonderfully fragrant purple and white prairie clovers; prairie coneflower; yucca; a gorgeous gold and rust-colored small sunflower-type flower; and lots of what we think might be called butter and eggs.

We Discover A New Eatery in Frazer: Our Adventure Cycling Northern Tier maps indicate that the tiny town of Frazer (pop 452) has no services except a post office - but we found a convenience store/gas station which opened this month and stopped to take their information to send to the map-makers - and for drumstick-style ice creams.

The Kindness of Strangers: We stopped outside Oswego at what looked like a restaurant only to find it was a residence - apparently with no-one home, although the door was open. We were leaving when the owner pulled up. She insisted we come in and gave us frozen bottles of water and Cokes - we don't usually drink soda, but that's not the sort of gift you turn down.

Food Today: Oatmeal with raisins, coffee and English muffins at the Prairie Rose restaurant in the motel in Glasgow this morning. Coffee and WONDERFUL pie in Nashua - Riley had a spectacular rhubarb custard and Becky had delicious peach - BIG pieces, made on-site, with great crust for $2.50 each. YUM. Peanut butter & banana sandwiches and water for our picnic lunch. Drumstick ice cream cones. Chinese dinner in Wolf Point - MuShu pork & pork chow mein.

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